As the branch of NEGUIN Holding in Australia,  Neguin Pty Ltd aims to provide its’ international clients with a consistent high quality service. We operate in different countries with a variety of operations and investments in Asia Pacific and Middle East since 1989 with a focus on construction materials in Australia initially.

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About Us

NEGUIN is a holding company with a variety of operations and investments in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East since 1989. The Holding’s headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while its branch offices are in China and the Middle East. The holding’s focus is on Cross-Border Activities between Far East and the Middle East in different fields including construction and its materials, emerging technologies and cultural affairs. 

Neguin Pty Ltd is the Australian recent expansion of NEGUIN group targeting and initially construction materials primarily natural stones (like Granite, Marble, Onyx and Quartz) operating a huge network of deliveries from different continents and countries such as (but not limited to) Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Italy, Spain and Turkey.  
Lina Stone is our stone whole brand with showroom and warehouse in Brisbane, QLD


Level 1 / 16 McDougall Street, Milton, Brisbane, QLD 4064

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PO Box: 213 Northgate QLD 4013